Project Location


Valley of Lagoons tenure location with respect to gold and geological province after DNRM data)

Geology and Showing

EPM25828 Geology & Showings

EPM25828 Geology & Showings

RTP Magnetics


RTP magnetics covering the main areas showing main intrusive structures and intrusive complexes

EPM 25828 Project Descriptions

EPM 25828 Valley of Lagoons is located approximately 40 km northwest of Greenvale and 160 km northwest of Townsville
in North Queensland. Access to the area is best from Greenvale by Townsville-Greenvale road or by the Mt Garnet to Greenvale road through Gunnawarra. The tenure has excellent potential for Permo-Carboniferous intrusion related gold systems (IRGS) based on historical work and desktop studies conducted recently. Such systems in north Queensland include Kidston (5 million ounces) and Mt Leyshon (3 million ounces). Vein and breccia mineralisation at depth within buried intrusions may offer the best potential.

Mineralisation in the area is gold and base metal mineralised gossanous quartz-sulphide viens largely within the metabasaltic units of the Wairuna Formation and trending northeast in a zone from Valley of Lagoons to Black Dingo. However, in the southeast section of the tenure there are several tungsten occurrences especially around the Perry Camp area. With noted occurrences and abandoned mines for gold lead tin and tungsten the region is also geologically prospective for base and platinum group metals as well as scandium.

Preliminary desktop studies have concluded that an exploration program involving extension of existing historical soil coverage to cover the main NNE structural zone as well as coverage of the NW section over the Junction Bore buried intrusion is planned as well as select lines across satellite intrusions identified by their reversely polarised nature. Any of these small intrusives oriented in a NW corridor through Junction Bore could host gold mineralisation. Rock chip sampling of regional faults and reconnaissance mapping are to be undertaken. Dipole-Dipole IP surveys will extend the existing IP coverage over a broad alteration zone and the Au-Bi anomaly in the NW aureole of the Junction Bore intrusive.

The geochemistry should define new areas of interest and extend existing gold-anomalous areas, while the IP survey will define chargeability zones at depth for drill testing.