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EPM25484 & Leases

EPM 25484 + 5 MLs Project Descriptions

EPM 25484 and five mining leases (ML70341, ML70402, ML70404, ML70439 & ML70513) are located approximately 30 km north west of Clermont, Queensland, about 1 km West of the Blair Athol Coal Mine and about 300 meters East of Cockatoo Dam. Access is via the Alpha Highway and Laglan Road, and thence unsealed roads and tracks in good to moderate condition.

Previous gold mining activity in the region included mining of placers in Permian conglomerates and from Tertiary and Cainozoic alluvial deposits. Gold was discovered in gullies to the south of Clermont township in 1861 and by 1862 mining extended from McDonalds Flat in the southeast to Hurley’s Lead in the northwest. The main centres of alluvial mining were in the area adjacent to the Clermont township. Between 1877 and 1901, recorded gold production amounted to 175,500 ounces (5,458 kg) from deep leads and other alluvial sources and only 9,900 ounces (308 kg) from quartz lodes. Production from the Clermont Goldfield during the period 1862 to 1901 is documented as 263,600 ounces (8,200 kg) of gold. Mining activity declined after 1910 and by the 1920s had almost ceased. In 1931 a new lead, discovered at Miclere, sparked a revival of mining, which continued through to the mid 1950s. During the 1980s and early 1990s small to medium-scale alluvial mining was carried out at McDonalds Flat, Bathampton, and Expedition Creek. Total gold production for the Clermont area from 1861 to 1993 is estimated to be about 450,000 ounces (14,000 kg).

Preliminary desktop studies have documented theory of gold distribution in the Clermont area. Primary hydrothermal quartz gold systems intruded the Anakie Metamorphics and subsequently under went three separate timeframes of erosion and deposition with reworking of primary and secondary sediments evident. Gold occurs mainly along the basal contact of the Permian deposits which lie unconformably on the Anakie metamorphic shales in this instance. Gold is also present in subsequent deposits dating up to recent time. There is also a potential deep seated source for the hydrothermal gold that has yet to be discovered.

Currently, preliminary exploration is being considered for the EPM lease. Production and project valuation activities are also being planned for the five mining leases.